8-Year Old from Mexico Invents an Award Winning Solar Powered Device

Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz is the name of the third grader from Mexico who invented the award-winning solar powered water heating device. Xóchitl’s device uses recycled materials to heat the water which is something the citizens of Chiapas, Mexico can benefit greatly from. The Chiapas residents use mostly fallen trees for water heating but Xóchitl’s solution is excellent especially for the low-income families, which is what was primarily her goal.

The little inventor has been participating in science fairs since she was 4 and to build her latest invention she used stuff like wood, plastic and empty bottles. The solar powered water heater is affordable for the lower income families who often can’t afford the other options available on the market. A low-cost heater like hers can really be a life changer for these people. The prototype she built has been installed on her house and for some time now they have bene using it for water heating for the entire house. This device can actually change the lives of so many families across the globe.

Why is Xóchitl’s solar powered water heater so special?

You may think that solar powered water heaters are nothing new, they’ve been around on the market for quite some time now and we all know they’re a cost-effective solution. While they may save you money on the long run, solar water heaters are quite expensive, even for more affluent people. Xóchitl’s design is affordable for everyone and that’s what sets it apart. In developing countries one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities is heating water for sanitation and cooking. The residents in these countries often use wood for water heating and this activity is one of the major contributor to deforestation. These people desperately need a more affordable option and Xóchitl’s prototype offers just that.

Solar water heaters and their benefits

Solar water heaters may be expensive but there are so many benefits to switching to them in the first place. Their maintenance is inexpensive and they last for much longer than regular heaters. Moreover, the people who switch to solar power for water heating save about 50% on their energy bills which means that the initial investment will be retuned to you over time. Plus they’re the most environmentally friendly solution as they save on carbon emissions by 50% and they use a sustainable and renewable source of energy.

If Xóchitl’s invention which uses recycle material for the production of the water heaters can become available it will change the lives of people in developing areas. In addition to this, it will help reduce pollution and waste and thus benefit the entire globe. We believe that there’s a bright future for this amazingly intelligent 8-year old and this prize from the Institute of Nuclear Sciences is just the first of many she will yet win. We hope that Xóchitl will continue to create amazing designs like this and help the world combat some of the biggest problems.