Flint man wins $2 Million playing the Michigan Lottery’s $2,000,000 Jackpot Instant Game

A Flint man has won $2 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s $2,000,000 Jackpot instant game.

The player, who chose to remain anonymous, bought his winning ticket at the Sunoco gas station, located at 1330 East Atherton Road in Flint.

“The $2,000,000 jackpot game was one of my favorites when it first came out, but I hadn’t played it in a while,” said the 65-year-old player. “I decided to try my luck on it again, and it really paid off!

“I scratched the ticket and didn’t think I was reading it right. I had to ask my buddy who was with me to verify it for me! I’m still numb from winning honestly.”

The player chose the one-time lump sum payment of about $1.3 million, rather than annuity payments for the full amount.

h/t: NBC25news