Homeless Man Finds $10k Check And Returns It To Owner — She Repays Him With A Home

Elmer Alvarez decided to do a good deed. The homeless man found a lost check amounting to over $10,000 and decided to return it. Alvarez never knew his actions would have a roll-on effect and make him homeless no more.

The plight of the homeless does receive attention, but solutions to the problem seem elusive. Sometimes, the solutions come in the form of one person doing something exceptionally caring for others. While few stories are as dramatic as Elmer Alvarez’s, his tale does reveal that good things can happen when people care enough to take action.

The heartwarming story begins unusually. A real estate agent named Roberta Hoskie had a nearly $11,000 check in her hand when it slipped away. She ran around town, handling errands when the check slipped out of her fingers near a crowded intersection. Likely, the traffic noise and the hustle and bustle distracted her. New Haven, CT, can be a busy place. So, she didn’t even know the check went flying until the next day.

Sure, requesting the cancelation of the check could solve some problems, but no real estate agent wants to be in such a position. Accidents and mishaps happen in the big city, and people do drop things. Those things can include $10,800 checks.

Before Roberta could take steps to deal with the lost check problem, her phone rang. Elmer Alvarez was on the line, and he had good news. He found the check and wanted to return it. Roberta went to meet Elmer, and she felt shocked to discover Elmer was homeless.

Roberta wanted to reward Elmer for his kind deed. She initially gave him some reward money, but then Roberta discovered Elmer was homeless. So, she chose to do something even more profound and impacting. She helped set Elmer up with housing.

The story found its way documented on video. The moving video shows Roberta telling Elmer she found a place for him to stay.

Roberta’s strong faith in God led her to want to do more for Elmer. She worked hard to set him up with a job training program at her school, where he took a real estate test. She also worked at setting him up with a housing program. In Roberta’s words, Elmer would not need to worry about staying in the cold anymore. Elmer broke down in tears at the news. Roberta hugged him as the emotions overwhelmed him.

Together, the pair plan to open transitional housing for teens and young adults who are homeless, paying it forward once again.

In the video, Roberta revealed a story about herself that shows why she felt such empathy towards Elmer. When she was younger, Roberta also found herself homeless. Roberta was a single mom who only earned a meager amount of money per month. That led to her homeless situation and all the struggles that ensued. Roberta did not let her plight put permanent obstacles in her way. As everyone now knows, she’s a successful real estate agent. And she’s someone with a wonderful heart and caring nature.

The video was produced by NBC News and aired on the network to millions of viewers. Perhaps those millions of viewers would feel moved to help others out the way Roberta did so for Elmer.

The video continues to capture attention on the internet. Hopefully, more people will see the video and realize good deeds do happen in the world.

Tell us how you felt from learning about this incredible story below. You can do your part by raising awareness about the video and telling everyone about Roberta and Elmer’s heart-touching story and shining a light on it. Hopefully, it will be a “guiding light” that leads others to do good things.

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