Melania Is Being Compared To Jackie Kennedy, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Melania Trump has been called a lot of things during her time in the White House, but one of President Trump’s advisors just called her something that has sparked a massive controversy. When White House trade adviser Peter Navarro came into contact with a microphone, he used the opportunity to lavish praise on the current first lady by calling her the “Jackie Kennedy of her time.”

Melania was set to take the stage at the Republican National Convention ahead of her husband to speak to people from the podium. Because her appearance at the last Republican National Convention in 2016 was mired with controversy (she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s previous speech), Navarro was excited to see what she and her team would drum up for this time around.

“I think she’ll deliver a powerful message to the American people,” Navarro said of the 50-year-old former model. He also praised Melania for her “elegance” and “soft-spokenness,” which are traits that complement her husband’s brash insensitivity.

Navarro began speaking about Melania after he was asked to answer questions about Trump’s coronavirus response. He was talking to a host on MSNBC and did not want to lean into their agenda of uncovering more information about what Trump has been doing to curb the spread of the virus in America.

After promoting Melania’s speaking slot at the RNC, he then shifted gears, again, to talk about how he sees Melania as the Jackie Kennedy of her generation.

“Melania Trump will be introducing the new Rose Garden, I find her to be the Jackie Kennedy of her time—the beauty, the elegance, the soft-spokenness,” he said to MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on the morning of Tuesday.

Obviously, Navarro was walking a fine line by comparing Melania to Jackie Kennedy. In response to his remark, one person tweeted that if Melania was the Jackie Kennedy of her time, then adult film star Stormy Daniels is the Marilyn Monroe of her time. Monroe had an alleged affair with John F. Kennedy. Stormy Daniels had an affair with President Trump while Melania was giving birth to their son, Baron.

Although Navarro was excited about what Melania did to Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden, the general public is outraged by her changes.

One Twitter user wrote: “Melania destroyed Jackie O’s Rose Garden, and Trump has tried to destroy the Country. The Trumps destroy, ruin, and spoil everything they come in contact with. Way past time to take out the fucking trash!”

Another Twitter pundit wrote, “Under Jackie O, the White House Rose Garden was a beautiful and diverse menagerie of vibrant colors. Unfortunately, like all things touched by the Trumps — Melania Trump has turned the Rose Garden into a drab, unimaginative homage to white power.”

Last summer, President Trump tried to compare his wife to Jackie Onassis-Kenney. According to Philip Rucker via Twitter, “Trump tells Fox he wants to redo Air Force One livery even though the iconic baby blue was ‘Jackie O.’ He then says, ‘We have a new Jackie O. It’s called Melania.’”

h/t: AWM